“The Before After Change”


We are often exposed to the news where people look different after going into some exercise regime.However, we don’t notice what does it take to change the body shape and size. This change happens between “Before” and “After” i.e.during period and mainly consists of following parts:

Purpose – If we set out the purpose before we make any changes, we would be focused during the process. I see people going to gym who spend equal amount of time in running the treadmill and lifting the weights. They are not aware whether they have to lose weight or gain muscles.

Time – It took years to Rome to become what it is known for. If you want to become athlete, cricketer, bodybuilder or whatever you have desired so far, you will have to spend time.Changes do not happen overnight rather takes months/years to reflect

Workout – People become friends when they have similar interest and this often happens in gym. However, many of them do not concentrate on their workout, takes rest and talk in between the exercises which act as an obstacle in getting the desired results. Even spending 30 minutes could be better than 3 hours if it is solely spent on the workout.

Diet – If all above mentioned conditions are met and you think that you will get the desired body shape then I would suggest you to pause for a moment and think about the fuel your body needs. Our body acts like an engine which requires fuel in the form of nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and various forms of minerals to give us the desired results. What to eat and what not to eat contributes 60% in achieving  the result and workout stands for the rest 40%.

Rest – Once or twice a week, rest to your body will revitalize it and helps in performing better and also saves you from any injury arising out of muscles’ failure.


If you are planning to get into good shape, please keep in mind the points discussed above. You can also share your thoughts or feedback in comments section right below .


Stay Fit with 15 minutes workout

In today’s busy life, we hardly get time to hit the gym. In absence of workout, one gets vulnerable towards the risk of getting various forms of diseases.

What if you get to know that sparing 15 minutes from daily schedule can save you from many risks and you can also live a healthy life. Please check below the different options to stay fit and healthy:

1) Fifteen minutes walk

A Fifteen minutes walk in morning or any other time of the day can burn up to 100  calories. Your body Weight and the speed of walk are the other important factors which decide how much calories can be burnt in 15 minutes.


2) Blend of Yoga

As people are knowing the benefits of Yoga, they are developing different blends of Yoga. This video ( Blend of Yoga ) is a mixture of various Yoga which can be performed under the comfort of home.



Unlike walk, Yoga should be performed empty stomach.

3) Rope Skipping Workout


Although it s very difficult to do rope skipping (Click here to watch) for continuously 15 minutes but if you do it in reps and take rest for couple of seconds then 15 minutes will look easy to achieve.

This exercise works your arms, shoulders, legs, strengthens your bones and improves balance also.

I could think only these exercises at the moment but believe there are others also which can be fit under 15 minutes category.

If you think you also know some other 15 minutes workout, please leave your comment in the box